With perfect attendance, our full time students may complete all graduation requirements of our 1800 hour course in just a little over ten months. At the completion of 1800 hours of training, those full and part time students who have completed all other school requirements are given a diploma and become certified to be examined by the State Board for a license to practice.

After passing the basic license test a person will usually start working for minimum wage. After becoming established many people make over $500 per week. It is also possible to move on to other areas such as teacher, sales representative, salon manager/ owner school manager/director or owner. Some people may even choose to manufacture their own line of products.

For the convenience of our students we offer both part time and full time courses during the day. The school schedule is as follows: FULL TIME; is considered 30 hours or more per week. PART TIME; is considered less than 30 hours per week, not to fall below 20 hours per week.